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EverView – Remote time lapse cameras

EverView is the effortless, professional way to record all stages of a construction or infrastructure project. We offer high performance remote time lapse cameras, 100% maintenance & post-production services for your timelapse video.

Unique technical qualities

We use an advanced 6K camera able to create timelapses with a 220° angle. The camera works autonomous, it’s powered by a solar panel and uses 3G/4G connection to send pictures in the cloud.

Now you can monitor how your construction or infrastructure site develops, step by step, 24 /7, from any corner of the world.

What do we offer you?

We offer full equipment & maintenance for our remote time lapse cameras and professional post-production services for your time lapse video. The EverView team takes care of setting up the surveillance camera, finding the best spot to capture the progress of your project, 24/7 support & maintenance. Professional post-production of the time lapse video is included, so that the film matches your exact expectations.

Our team of professionals video editors and graphic designers take the time to understand your objectives to ensure you receive a final product that highlights your project perfectly.

100% autonomous —

Our remote time lapse cameras can be installed in any point of the construction site. They are lightweight and 100% autonomous.

Solar powered —

No need for electricity as our cameras are powered through a solar panel and they communicate in 3G / 4G, sending all pictures in cloud.

Excellent photo quality —

Our cameras exceptionally captures detailed colour photos, even at night and in similar extreme lighting environments. Photo resolution: 7360 x 2650 pixels for the camera SD card and 4260 x 1534 pixels for the photos uploaded on cloud.

220° angle view —

A wider area of your construction site is captured with the help of our remote time lapse construction cameras, creating impressive panoramic snapshots of your project.

Dust-proof & water resistant —

The equipment is dust-proof and weather resistant, letting you records any project, on any type of weather.

Tailor-made timelapse video —

At the end of your project, our team will create a timelapse video, following each and every step of the construction process (professional post-production included).

Easy integration with your website —

We will guide you through the entire process, including getting in touch with your technical team to directly integrate the timelapse video within your website.

Full service & support —

We offer full service and support from the first moment you contact us: from evaluating the best view point, installation and maintenance of the equipment to the final cut of the video and integration within your website.

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