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EveReal –
Immersive and interactive 3D virtual representation of buildings

We use the latest, most powerful creation engines to generate high-quality, photo-realistic renditions and immersive 3D architectural representation projects of buildings. We combine the best that Building Information Modeling (BIM) has to offer with video games rendering options, to offer you the ultimate experience of buildings representation.

Create compelling, high quality virtual spaces –

We create high-end visual representation projects of buildings, which encompass all the detailed information of every single element, as well as incredible high-quality final images. Discover new means of representation in a navigable 3D environment!

Combine the best between BIM and video game creation engines –

EveReal keeps all the advantages that BIM brings along (such as to digitally catalog, analyze, and price every single component of buildings long before construction begins and long after it is completed ) and adds to this the incredible power of video game render engines. Our projects will combine incredible details of lighting and movement that elevate the experience of an architectural walkthrough.

Endless presentation possibilities –

Static renderings and drawings are not able to capture the experiential and spatial qualities of a building; however, 3D video rendered environments offer you a complete life-like experience. Imagine being able to walk through a model and explain the lighting or circulation of the building, for example, or choosing between options for interior finishes, which will allow you to instantly see multiple options in real time and in varying lighting conditions to make a decision.

Fully understand the experience of building representation –

These three-dimensional spatial experiences provide opportunities to comprehensively explain projects and understand the full model/structure of a building before it is built. It is a great tool to use when presenting your building project to potential investors, business angels or associates.

Explore with a screen or a VR setup –

By using a Virtual Reality (VR) set, you will be able to visit all the corners of your building and experience how the finished structure will look like, from its design, to all the mechanical, electrical and plumbing details . Every single corner of your building will be represented in the final rendition and you’ll be able to discover all the intricate details of the project, mirroring a real-life walkthrough.

Stand out from your competitors with the use of new technologies –

The incredibly appealing realistic visuals from movies and video games are, for the first time, within reach for architectural projects. New means of representation, more vivid than ever, are at your disposal, and since it’s only the beginning of this era, using such techniques will surely position you as a trendsetter among other players on the market.

The ultimate level of building representation

Part of what makes building information modeling (BIM) so appealing is that it allows us to create realistic 3D representations of a building in digital space. Video game engines can take that capability to a new level, by rendering buildings in stunning, near-photorealistic graphics. In an industry where visual presentation matters, having an eye-popping simulation could be just what you need.

Here are the different types of offers we can assist you with:


A PhotoRealistic rendering in which you can progress in real time, with only a computer and internet access.

  • Photorealistic application for Microsoft Windows (hosting the application with optional web access)
  • 360 ° Virtual Tour by Teleportation – Roundme
  • Photo (With the option of editing a video for marketing)
  • Navigation map
  • Teleport on points of interest


We create for you 3D models of all technical equipment (HVAC, ELEC etc.).

  • Modeling of technical equipment
  • Interactive access to technical documentation and maintenance contact information on all equipment
  • Interactive map with itineraries to help workers locate the equipment in the site


We create for you all the regular maintenance procedures for technical equipment (HVAC, ELEC, etc.).

  • Interactive expanded view of technical equipment
  • Interactive maintenance procedure, let yourself be guided by EveReal (on a screen or in Virtual Reality) 
  • Help in the preparation of on-site interventions, listing the tools necessary for each type of maintenance operation and the standard spare parts to have


We assist you in defining and creating a technical response to your specific needs (for example, a photorealistic 3D home configurator). Don’t hesitate to reach out even if you have highly-specific or edge-case requests. We like challenges.

For price quotes, please get in touch with us.



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