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EverBim – 3D Modeling using BIM

Our highly skilled team of professionals create intelligent 3D model-based projects by using BIM (Building Information Modeling). EverBim gives you all the insights and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure.

What do we do?

We generate 3D Models from your project drawings. Our tech team is highly specialized in using the Autodesk Revit software and has developed large projects for our customers in France and Europe.

We create models that display the complex forms in interior and exterior for any type of building, thus enhancing the collaboration of all parties involved in the project: designers, engineers, architects, contractors.

Why choose EverBim?

EverBim offers you one digital unifying model that enhances overall project efficiency, reduces construction time and costs, helps you predict building maintenance, track assets and fully manage facilities for future changes and renovation work.

Unifying digital resource —

By using the BIM methodology, you have one common professional tool that appeals to all parties: engineers, architects, designers & contractors. Therefore, BIM enhances collaboration and efficiency.

Better planning & design —

Through BIM, you can visualize a completed building and all its components and systems before the first shovel hits the ground.This information allows better planning and design that takes best advantage of the available space and resources.

Reduces time consuming errors & risks —

You get a better overview of the project before starting, which allows for more prefabrication and reduces waste on unused materials. Prefabricated elements can be easily bolted in place rather than created on-site.

Early detection of problems —

BIM allows you to better coordinate trades and subcontractors, detecting any internal or external clashes before construction begins. By avoiding clashes, you reduce the amount of rework needed on any given job (and therefore, costs).

Increased productivity —

By designing, detailing and building offsite in a controlled digital environment, using a unifying model, you can reduce waste, labor and material costs and increase efficiency.

Efficient management of the facility —

The BIM model gives you the opportunity to use an accurate, ongoing digital record of building information that is valuable for facilities management and renovators throughout the entire lifecycle of the building.

Remote access to information —

The entire project is done online, so it gives you the opportunity to work with the best designers or architects, even if they are half of the world apart. The BIM model can be accessed remote, one click away.

Full service & support —

You get the best on the market. Our team is formed out of highly skilled artists and engineers, you get full support, professional advice and solutions. We study the latest 3D tech innovations and use the most up-to-date hardware and software.